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Product Description

Hair Eraser is a safe and gentle epilation system for unwanted body hair providing two hair removal solutions in one device. Clipping and epilation address unwanted body hair without the negative effects that traditional hair removal treatments can have on the surrounding skin. Enjoy longer lasting smooth hair-free skin with the Hair Eraser. Epilation removes multiple hairs from the root at once for longer lasting silky smooth skin. Unlike traditional shaving, epilation targets hair removal from the source of growth instead of cutting the hair at the surface. The result is long lasting smoothness and an extension in the time between hair removal treatments. Epilation is a superior alternative to waxing, since it doesn’t pull the surrounding skin which overtime can cause elasticity issues. Clipping is an ideal way to prep uneven hair for epilation and is an alternative to epilation for treating unwanted face and body hair on the more sensitive parts of the body like the bikini area and under arms. Now you can harness these two safe and effective unwanted hair treatment techniques in one device. Enjoy silky smooth skin for longer with the Hair Eraser! All skin types. Includes: clipper head, clipper head protective cap, epilator head, Hair Eraser device, adapter, and cleaning brush.

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