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Product Description:

This product has five floating razor heads, thin shaving heads and super thin al
Instructions: .
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This product is a rechargeable shaver. when you use,you just take a little soap and water,switch the shaver on until the soap lathers nicely , then rinse off with water. This product has Five floating razor heads , individually reflex action system can always get close to the facial contour to effectively shave the hair of any lengths and in any growing directions. reasonable design & the cooperation of five blades will bring about better shaving effect.
Specification: .
• Product: Washable rechargeable shaver
• Model:KM-5886
• Input Voltage: AC 100-240V 50Hz
• Power Consumption: 3W
• Charging time: 5Hours
• Color: Black
• Manufacturer’s Warranty: 1 Year
Features: .
• Whole body wash.
• Rechargeable.
• Used wirelessly, convenient to operate.
• Detail shaver.
• used high hardness cutting blade.
Safety Warning :
Only the included charger can be used.
Make sure the charge will not become damp.
The charger includes a transformer which should not be cut off and replaced with another plug;otherwise,in will lead to serious results.
If the charger is damaged,it should be replaced with a new one with the original type to avoid the danger.
Do unplug the charger before cleaning the shaver with running water.
Accessories: .
1x 3D Men’s Shaver
1x Charger
1x Brush
1* Bag
1* English instruction
1* Sideburns cutter
1*Nose hair cutter
3 in 1 MultiFunction Electric Razor for Men—This item not only a electric shaver, but also add nose trimmer and a sideburns cutter, so it can fully satisfy your all needs.
Washable Electric Razor: IPX7 waterproof design, whole body waterproof, so that it was convenient to use and clean, but please don’t soaked in water directly.
Rechargeable Stand: Aooher Men’s Electric Razor comes with Rechargeable Stand, it is convient for you to storage it or charge for it.
High-efficiency Shaving: Five Floating Razor Heads, double loop knife nets, increase 50% cover area, high-efficiency shaving, more quickly and convenient.
High efficiency and energy saving, easy to carry, it is the first-choice for business men

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